App: CallGuard v1.02 By- cGiPDA

Blacklist and Whitelist software that manages unwanted calls. Now you don’t have to worry about incoming calls at the inappropriate time!

The phone is always ringing at the meeting or you just can’t accept the call at this time? CallGuard can help to avoid you undesirable calls. You just have to create lists of phone numbers, create schedule and to choose the action which should be performed.There are different actions possible on incoming call rejection. Even the SMS could be sent to the person who is calling as reject action.

General Information:
CallGuard application allows you to manage and to control your incoming calls. The application has both black list functionality for rejecting calls, and whitelist functionality to accept-only list of numbers. Call Guard mutes, rejects your incoming calls and sends the SMS message to the contact number, who was calling you. Now there is no need to mute the phone, if you have a meeting and are waiting for the important call. You need to create the white list and all the calls except the listed one will be muted or rejected according to your settings.

CallGuard in use:

Creating of the phone Blacklists and Whitelists
You should create the lists of phone numbers that shouldn’t be accepted. They can be of two types: Black Lists and White Lists. The lists will be activated according to your personal schedule.
The number of lists is unlimited, but only one list can be activated at the time.
Note! If you make all the present list inactive, the software will automatically activate the last one, which was activated with the help of Schedule till up to now.

Creating a schedule
While you are creating the schedule, you should select the condition of your schedule – how often this schedule should be activated:
1. Once – the chosen list will be activated one time;
2. Daily or weekdays – you should define the Weekdays when the list will be activated;
3. Monthly – you will need to enter the Day of month when the list will be activated.

Languages available:
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Ukrainian.

Key features:
  • The two types of lists can be created: BlackLists and WhiteLists;
  • The number of lists is unlimited;
  • There are a different types of the rejection actions;
  • Action ‘Busy’ can be defined when one of the numbers from list is calling;
  • Mute ringing is available;
  • The software can reject the incoming calls and send the SMS message to the contact number;
  • The Lists are activated according to your own schedule;
  • The software is fully compatible with Symbian^3, Symbian Anna and Symbian Bella
» Symbian^3 Devices / Anna / Belle

Release Notes :

For More Information Read .NFO File Included in RAR



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