App: QuasarMX 0.9 (r98)[ Beta 3] Music Player

Description : QuasarMX – it’s easy, fast and convenient music player, optimized for mobile! Provides many of the features available in modern desktop media players, such as a quick overview of the library and filtering, as well as the opportunity to work with large libraries.

Version 0.9 (Beta 3) 
Added Support for Album Artist, and Compilations Release Year
Added a New dialog allowing to define folders Which Should be scanned for Files
Settings dialog Added a
– Visible columns (Genres, Artists, Albums) Overview in the Playlist are now configurable
– Added an Option to lock the screen orientation
– The Accuracy of Interval and the Search filter is now configurable
– Added options to define What Should Happen When Leaving the app and returning to IT;
Fixed Several issues That Caused incorrect Positioning in the Overview and Playlist
Improved Performance in the scrolling lists all; • Improved Scanning Performance Metadata
Changed Files Will now correctly be rescanned; • Improved Stability and Performance the of the Cover Art Downloader addon
Changed the Behavior of the rewind button to play the current file from the beginning when more than 2 Second INTO the playback
Lots of minor bugfixes and changes under the Hood

Developer : KatastrophosLabs Year : 2012 Version : v.0.9 (r98)  compatibility : S ^ 3 / Anna / Belle



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