TUTORIAL: How to use Navifirm to download firmware

Navifirm is one of the best utility that helps you to download Nokia firmware on your computer. Here, we are going to talk about it along with how to use it. Navifirm is a free utility created bySymbian Toys.

How to use Navifirm

1. Download and Install download and install .NET Framework v4.0 on your computer.

2. Now, Download Navifirm on your computer, and extract the file. After extracting you will get several files, in which you have to open NaviFirmPlus.exe.

Extract Navifirm Package

3. Once NaviFirm opens, you have to set “Server: Nokia Care Suite”.

Navifirm Nokia Care Suite

4. Now, you have to select your Phone Model under “Products” section.

5. Once you have selected your product it will automatically show the firmware releases for your mobile. Simply click on any of the stable release to continue.

6. Now, you will be able to see lots of variants available for your device (firmware according to country and your phone model). Simply click on any of the available variants to continue.

7. Under the Files section you will be able to see lots of files shown. If you will scroll the the filenames you will be able to see that few filenames are already marked (which is default and important files required to flash your phone). You have to click on Download button only.

If you want to download all filenames then click on the Mark All button, it will select all files. Then you can click on Download button to start downloading the firmware files.

8. Now, you will be able to see the downloading status in the Navifirm (right below).

Once firmware downlaoding is finished, you can see the download files under Navifirm Plus\Fw folder.

Downloaded filename

Now, you have downloaded the firmware to flash your Nokia Phone, you have to place it in the

  • C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\ (for Windows 32 bit users)
  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Nokia\Phoenix\Products (for Windows 64 bit users)

Once you have located the files, you can use Phoenix and JAF tool to flash your phone.



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