Instance – Itsdagram now live in the WindowsPhone Store

The free version of the app is now live in the Store and the paid version should be pushed out any moment as well! Links are below.

For now, the app has had a minor UI make over, with a grey background and a Instagram-like rainbow accent added to the top. The icons are also a bit bolder and we think the redesign really “pops” though some of you will lament that the old version is gone.

Other changes include:
Pull to Refresh
Faster loading
Find Friends will work with Facebook
Registration bug fixes

Regardless, the app works as well as it always did. In fact, at least one minor bug was squashed on the back where certain images wouldn’t show.

Developer Daniel Gary will continue to work on the other lingering issues (like the black box problem in comments, or Tag search) but for now, you can enjoy the cosmetic makeover.

Special thanks to Conner Monsees who helped with the redesign as well as Chris Lindhartsen for the suggested name!

Pick up Instance Free here and Instance (Paid) here in the Windows Phone Store.




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